Brand Recognition, Relationship, Reliability

Brand Recognition

BRR Logistics offers a large selection of quality frozen products by partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world. We actively partner with all of our customers by listening to them, ensuring they have everything needed for continued success. We provide the best possible service to all our customers, they know they can rely on us to get them the newest innovations as well as their established brands consistently.

Beginning as a master distributor for Unilever, BRR Logistics provides customer service and delivery for all national and independent accounts throughout Ontario. We have since have diversified our portfolio away from Unilever, allowing us to share our gained experience to expand any new brands while continuing to grow the established brands we have partnered with.

Over the years we have added a significant number of well known popular brands to our catalogue, including Righteous Gelato,  Alasko,  Lambert, and SO Delicious, not to mention our added focus on healthier lifestyle brands such as Komo Foods, Enlightened, and Halo Top to name only a few.


BRR Logistics understands the value and importance of cultivating relationships with each and every customer, whether that be local convenience stores or national accounts, every customer and vendor are our priority. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and in building personal relationships with our customers by providing the best possible customer care. We maintain consistent customer contact, with dedicated sales reps and customer service reps for each account.

We work with all our accounts to cultivate and build upon our existing relationships, to address our customers needs and ensure a successful future. We also work closely with our vendors to guarantee a transparent and uninterrupted flow of information in order to ensure these relationships maintain a high level of confidence and trust for continued growth and success.


BRR Logistics provide the most reliable and professional service available through all departments and facilities within our organization.

From our 100,000 square foot deep frozen warehouse with over 13000 pallet  positions, located in Brampton, Ontario, to our fleet of over thirty tractor trailer and sub-distributor network, we have the space and systems in place to ensure our customers products get to their destination quickly and safely. Our warehouse management systems provide; real time inventory control, order and load management, productivity reporting, and customized reports as per our vendor’s needs.

Whereas, our 5400 square foot contact center in Cambridge, Ontario liaisons with our entire customer base for any customer service inquires and requests. We inform all customers, large and small, of the new products and upcoming promotions, as well as processing large quantities of orders. Orders are secured from customers of all principals via phone, EDI and facsimile. The contact center also provides reconciliation of delivery documents which in turn provides reporting to the principals to facilitate invoicing to their customers.  We ensure our customer and vendors have consistent, expedited, and exceptional service.

Our head office in Winnipeg Manitoba houses our financial department and is the core of BRR Logistics decision making, overseeing the overall success of BRR. Our head office is involved at each level of business, ensuring our customers, vendors, and employees have everything they need to be the most informed, confident, and prosperous as possible.